Guillaume Martel :

for 20 years in the centre of Paris, 2 rue du regard close to the “Bon Marché” store, he welcomes you
in his workshop, surrounded by many frames,
selling curiosities found with the heart, drawn
frames profiles.

Manuela Paul-Cavallier :
between Florence (Italy) and Paris she
got specialised in water gilding frames
and developed her skills through age-old
recipes. For 12 years, she restorated antique
frames and now creates contemporaneous ones
with tight and sober lines, keeping the tradition
of the ancient workshops.


Our skills

We are specialists of frames
and all satellites around

Frames by measure and on order,
done in our workshops

Profiles of frames designed by us

Framing made with preventive conservation museums

Traditional way of mounting works of art and frames

Possibility to hang our frames in situ

We will welcome you with an RDV, calling
+33 (0)1 454 90607 Or by email:

Museums, Institutions, Decorators,
Interior architects, Art collectors

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